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When shipping hazardous materials, it's essential that everyone involved have safety training.

Help Ensure Compliance with DOT Regulations with DOT HazMat Safety Training

In the United States, more than 800,000 shipments containing hazardous materials are sent every single day. To avoid putting workers and members of the public at risk of injury or even death, it is vital that they are packaged, transported and delivered safely and efficiently.

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Mastery Technologies offers a number of online training courses to ensure compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. Whether your team is sending, shipping or receiving hazardous materials, make sure that they understand how to handle them properly, preventing potentially dangerous and expensive accidents.

Depending on the course or courses you select, you and your employees can learn:

  • general safety awareness
  • how to prepare HazMat shipping papers
  • how to read and understand HazMat shipping papers
  • how to read and understand specific HazMat labels
  • in-depth terrorism prevention techniques

Browse Mastery Technologies' easy-to-use, inexpensive online HazMat safety courses to find the training resource that meets your needs.

Course Listing by Topic: Compliance: DOT

Title Format Devices Supported CEUs Product ID Price
DOT Alcohol and Drug Rules 0.0 dgl13005a_vod Buy $19.95
DOT HazMat: General Awareness/Familiarization 0.0 evisdhga_vod Buy $19.95
DOT HazMat: Security Awareness 0.0 evisdhgs_vod Buy $19.95
DOT: HAZMAT: General Awareness 0.0 marcdhga_vod Buy $19.95
DOT: HAZMAT: In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training 0.0 marcdihs_vod Buy $19.95
DOT: HAZMAT: Preparing Shipping Papers 0.0 vaissper12_vod Buy $39.95
DOT: HAZMAT: Safety Training 0.0 marcdhst_vod Buy $19.95
DOT: HAZMAT: Security Awareness 0.0 marcdhsa_vod Buy $19.95
Driving: DOT Out of Service Criteria 0.0 dgl10025a_vod Buy $19.95
Hazardous Materials Labels 0.0 marclabl_vod Buy $19.95
Hours Of Service For Property Carrying Vehicles 0.0 dgl13021a_vod Buy $19.95
Security: TWIC MTSA Training 0.0 moxitmtr_htm Buy $19.95