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Driving: Distracted Driving: At What Cost?

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Driving: Distracted Driving: At What Cost?

How big a problem is distracted driving? It accounts for up to half of all vehicle crashes, 284,000 serious crashes, and costs $40 billion to $80 billion annually. Every driver needs this video on demand training to understand how to control and eliminate distractions.

This video points out the things many drivers do on a daily basis are serious and dangerous distractions: reaching for objects, adjusting vehicle controls, drinking, eating, using a cell phone, refereeing kids' fights, reading directions and so much more. It points out the consequences of distracted driving, from minor fender benders to fatal or life-altering events. An interview of a distracted-driving accident victim and her parents dramatically illustrates how a moment's distraction can forever change lives.

Consider the hazards you may face given that a vehicle, traveling at 65 miles per hour, will travel 190 feet in two seconds. In two seconds you might be able to switch the radio station, but you could also cause a fatal car crash.

Use this online video training to ensure your employees make safety a top priority when driving on the job or on their own time.

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All drivers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • It's Just A Few Seconds
  • What's A Distraction
  • A Distracted Driving Collision
  • Taking Control
  • Conclusion

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