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5 Communication Skills to Avoid Defensiveness

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Avoiding defensive communication with coworkers Avoiding defensive communication with employees Avoiding defensive communication with superiors

Your interpersonal communication skills can make or break your career, no matter your position within a company. Effective communicators have the skill to express themselves in a non-threatening, objective manner, enabling others to “hear” them without eliciting a defensive reaction. This training video explains how to communicate effectively, but in a non-threatening manner.

The video discusses the importance of controlling our own responses, disengaging from emotional reactions, using empathy to relate to the other party and inquiring to understand the real concerns being expressed. While none of us can control what is said to us, we can control how we interpret it, and how we respond.

This video gives you the tools you'll need to react in an appropriate, constructive manner and to take responsibility for your own communication's effectiveness.

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All those looking for training on communication skills and conflict resolution

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Defensive Actions
  • Defensive Reactions
  • Non-Defensive Communication
  • Conclusion

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