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January 2018

Come Visit Us at the Training Magazine Conference

Mastery Training Services will be at the Training 2018 Conference & Expo in Atlanta next month, February 12 &13! Stop by our booth (#507) if you are attending!

If you have not yet made plans to attend, click here to get a free expo pass on us!

White Paper – Creating a Mindset for Change

When it comes to managing change in the workplace, organizations often focus on the “what” and not the “how.” This leads to a failure to get employees aligned, motivated and accepting of the changes ahead. By changing everyone’s mindset toward change, organizations can overcome the challenges of change.

Check out this white paper to see how you can help evolve your organization’s culture to become more creative, innovative and change-adaptive.

Re-Commit to Safety Culture

The start of a new year is a great time to invigorate your efforts towards building a strong culture of safety. Employees doing the same job day in and day out can easily become complacent about safety – and this complacency leaves the door open for accidents and injuries.

Prime your employees with courses on safety awareness and complacency to get them in the mindset about why these things are important. This kind of training can help employees to take all their training and safety practices more seriously.

For example, the course, “I Chose To Look The Other Way: Three Stories of Workplace Safety,” serves as a cautionary tale, telling the stories of three serious workplace accidents. The course demonstrates how and why these incidents occurred and how they could have been prevented.

For a full list of courses on safety awareness and safety culture, click here.

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