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July 2018

Build Your Safety Culture

This is a great time of year to re-focus on building a safety culture in the workplace. Things often slowdown in the summer, so instead of letting complacency sink in use this time to keep everyone on track! Without consistent safety habits, employees are working at a higher risk for accidents and injury. Training is a great tool to build a safety culture at work.

We’ve got courses to help you encourage employees to think about the importance of safety and help you reinforce why safety habits need to be part of an employee’s daily routine. Check out all the courses we have to help you build a culture of safety at your workplace. Learn more here.

1000+ Courses Available

We have over 1,000 Video On Demand courses available now, many of them featuring HD video. If you haven’t refreshed your library in a while, be sure to browse the catalog for new options you might have missed! Look through the catalog here.

Be sure to contact your sales rep for any questions or recommendations.

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