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May 2020

Working Safely After a Pandemic

This month we released a new course titled, “Working Safely After a Pandemic.” Every aspect of our lives is being disrupted by the coronavirus, and as we begin returning to work, we must act proactively to ensure our health is protected. This training video provides you with key safety measures to help protect yourself as you return to work, and then your family as you return home from work.

For more information on this course, click here.

Upcoming Webinars

Sign up for one of our free summer webinar sessions. Our next session on June 17, Ethics for Everyone, will be presented by Jeff Havens, of The Jeff Havens Company. Some of the takeaways Jeff Havens will explore in this webinar include:

  • Three major reasons why being ethical is important -- and get this, some of those reasons are selfish!
  • How to develop a solid ethical foundation for yourself
  • How to resist the temptation to behave unethically
  • How to effectively communicate your ethics to your colleagues and customers
  • How to create a personal and company-wide statement of values
  • How to maintain that statement of values as your team members, customer relationships, and working conditions evolve
  • How to build a culture of ethical behavior, and the rewards that will result from it

Later on in July, Amy Forehand, of The Forehand Company, will be back to present for the second time on Leadership: The Hidden Power of One on Ones. This session teaches leaders how to extract the untapped potential of 1-1’s, grow their team’s performance by focusing on each employee’s uniqueness, and boost their own leadership skills.

Check our webinar schedule, we will be continuing to add new sessions to the calendar.

New Training on Topics Everyone Needs

While organizations have been weathering the unavoidable changes related to the coronavirus, there are some constants they must stay focused on. This month we have released several new titles related some universal topics all business should be training on. These topics include ethics, harassment, diversity, conflict resolution.

The new titles include:

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