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October 2019

New Safety and Business Skills Training from The Jeff Havens Company

The Jeff Havens Company creates professional development by combining learning with laughter. This month Mastery has released 11 new VOD courses from The Jeff Havens Company. All these courses take a comic approach at demonstrating important skills for the workplace. These courses cover subjects ranging from personal protective equipment and safety in the industrial workplace to conflict resolution, customer service, and leadership.

The list of new titles includes:

Keep Your Workplace Free of OSHA’s Top Cited Hazards

OSHA releases a list every year of their top ten most cited standards. This list is a great tool to start exploring your own workplace safety training strategy.

To learn more about the top 10 most commonly cited standards and how you can improve the compliance and safety efforts at your organization, check out our new ebook here.

New Rigging and Crane Safety Training

This month we released two new courses for those working with or around cranes in industrial and construction environments.

Crane Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments covers the OSHA safety regulations for working with cranes. The course covers the use of the 3 main types of cranes, including crane inspection, and rigging, lifting, moving, and landing a load.

Rigging Safety In Industrial And Construction Environments takes a deep dive on the specifics of rigging a load. This course covers choosing the right slings, how sling angles affect sling tension, types of hitches and how to use them, and standard hand signals. The course concludes with exploring how to lift, move and land a load safely.

For a complete list of options on training related to crane safety, click here.

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