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September 2017

New Courses Available in Spanish

This month a batch of courses were updated to now include Spanish. The following titles were updated:

For all courses available in Spanish, click here.

Teach Teamwork with the Twelve Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men: Teams that Don’t Quit” is a new course, produced by Advanced Knowledge, that uses the classic film “Twelve Angry Men” to explore team-building and collaboration.

This course now includes HD video, along with footage from the actual movie, to help employees learn the importance of leadership models, decision-making, diversity, and conflict resolution.

For a full list of courses on teamwork and leadership, click here.

New Violence Prevention Training

The first step to preventing a violent incident at work is to recognize the threat. This month we released a new course, “Violence Prevention: Recognizing the Threat” to help you do just that. This course, originally produced by Aurora Pictures, demonstrates for employees how to look for the signs leading up to workplace violence.

The signs of workplace violence are outlined in the video training, as well as the actions an employee should take if they think someone has the potential to be violent. A workplace should be a respectful environment where differences are resolved peacefully, and this course can help you achieve that.

For a full list of courses related to workplace violence, click here.

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