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August 2017

Webinar Leverage the Power of the Generations

Sign up for our free webinar and learn to leverage the power of the generations at work. Laura Goodrich, Global Workforce Innovator, will be sharing insights and stories on how organizations can use a multi-generational workforce to their benefit.

The webinar is on Thursday, September 21, at 2:00 pm EST. Please join us for this exciting discussion and learn how to get started on bridging the generation gap and reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce.

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Help your Leaders Become Better Coaches

This month we released 6 new courses, originally produced by Service Skills Online Learning, for leaders to learn how to engage employees more effectively.

These courses help leaders learn how to coach their team to set and reach goals and objectives. Other topics covered includes using competencies in appraisals and reviews, providing feedback, creating professional development plans, and assessing interview candidates with behavior-based interviewing techniques.

These are the new titles:

For more leadership courses on mentoring and coaching, click here.

New Training on Supervisor Skills

Employees who feel respected by their superiors often thrive, and consequently, so does the organization. This month we released two new courses to help supervisors connect build workplace relationships with team members based on respect.

The new course titles are:

For more leadership courses, click here.

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