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March 2024

Dump Truck Safety Training

This month we released a new course, “Dump Truck Safety For Operators And Pedestrians,” which provides an overview of dump truck hazards and operator safety tips to ensure your team makes safety the top priority..

The course covers the following dump truck hazards: run-over and back-over incidents, property damage, contact with overhead electrical lines, falls, and tip-over incidents. Learners will also receive general safety tips for pre-use inspection and safe driving practices.

For more information on this course, available with English and Spanish, click here.

Safety Orientation Training

This month we have a new set of courses on safety orientation, with versions specific to several different industries.

Each course provides practical ways to show employees how to contribute to a safe work environment. From preparing mentally for the job, to safety housekeeping, accident prevention and personal protective equipment, employees learn basic safe work practices. Employees also are briefed on preparing for emergencies. Prepare new and seasoned employees to maintain a safety mindset with safety orientation training.

The new courses include:

Site Work Safety Training

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 150,000 construction site injuries each year. This month we released a new course, “Site Work Safety: Preventing Injuries Above and Below Ground,” which spotlights the hazards construction workers face and the safety practices necessary for preventing serious injuries and fatalities.

This course overviews personal protective equipment requirements, hazards related to being crushed or run over, safe lifting practices, working around underground or overhead powerlines, unloading and stacking objects, and trenching and excavation safe work practices.

This course helps ensure workers develop a mindset that makes on-site safety their top priority. For more information on this course, available with English and Spanish, click here.

This Month's News:

Dump Truck Safety Training

Safety Orientation Training

Site Work Safety Training

New Courses 


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Site Work Safety: Preventing Injuries Above and Below Ground

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Safety Orientation In Construction Environments

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Safety Orientation In Industrial Environments

Safety Orientation In Office Environments

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