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September 2023

October Webinars

We are in the midst of our fall diversity webinar series, but it is not to late to join in!

On Wednesday, October 4 at 2 p.m. Eastern, we are hosting a session called, “Recognizing Risk in a Multicultural Workplace.” Recognizing and mitigating risk is a necessary part of team building. During this one-hour session, we’ll explore risk; review what research says about diverse and inclusive teams; then, learn how attracting and retaining a multicultural workforce can accelerate innovation and increase performance outcomes. Register here.

Then, on Wednesday, October 25 at 2 p.m. Eastern, we are going to learn to “Understand Microaggressions and The Right Way to Respond.” During this session, we’ll learn about different types of microaggressions, review some real-life workplace scenarios, and learn how to be better allies when we stand up for ourselves and others. Register here.

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New Diversity Training

This month we have two new courses on topics related to diversity in the workplace. Culture influences just about everything around us, but it can be challenging to recognize its impact. This new course, "Cultural Nuances," clarifies the roles culture and cultural awareness play in team collaboration, communication, and productivity.

Then, “Welcome Neurodiversity in the Workplace,” helps you discover what it means to be neurotypical or neurodivergent and what neurodiversity really means in the workplace, and why it’s important. Use this training to learn how to make your workplace more accessible to neurodivergent employees.

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October Webinars

New Diversity Training

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Welcome Neurodiversity In The Workplace

Cultural Nuances


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