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April 2018

Webinar Ė Creating a Mindset for Change

On May 10, 2018 at 2:00 pm EST Laura Goodrich, of GWTNext, will be joining us for a webinar on preparing organizations to have a more positive mindset toward organizational change.

Change in inevitable and we canít avoid it; in fact, itís fatal to ignore it. Fear and avoidance is no way to address change, so we must find a way to create positive outcomes and attitudes towards change. In our webinar Laura will show you how an intentional and clear focus on what you want rather than on what you are trying to avoid turns insight into action.

Register for our free webinar here.

New Business Skills Courses

This month we added 17 new VOD courses, originally produced by TorranceLearning from their Eleventure line. These courses provide insights and best business practices for organizations in all industries. They cover a wide-range of topics, including communication, project management, sales, leadership, and more.

The new courses include:

For more information on these courses, read the initial press release here.

New Refresher Safety Training Courses

This month we released five new safety refresher training courses. These courses, originally produced by Aurora Pictures, are all less than five minutes in length and are intended for refresher training for employees who have been through a full-length program.

They provide a great overview for re-training, and can be used for new employee orientation, short safety meetings or remedial training for employees who are observed acting unsafely. There are employee and supervisor versions for each topic.

The new courses include:

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