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Prepare for workplace emergencies

Workplace Emergency Action Plan

Prepare for possible workplace emergencies by having a plan and training employees

We hear about accidents and emergency situations occurring, but often think it wouldn't happen to us. Unfortunately, these situations can happen to anyone at anytime. However, if these accidents do happen at work, proper training and preparation can minimize the affects from the emergency.

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Being prepared for an emergency ensures a safe recovery to get the business back to work as quickly as possible. These emergency preparedness and response training courses cover a variety of topics, including different types of emergencies, the importance of preparation and appropriate reactions, as well as methods of warning others and the different responses. The courses also explore the types of emergencies that can occur, such as natural disasters, human error, riots or even acts of terrorism.

Use this training to improve the awareness of emergencies in your workplace. The course topics will instill emergency preparedness and response training for many workplaces, whether working with hazardous chemicals, in a hospital or in manufacturing. Course topics include, the Emergency Action Plan, laboratory emergencies, hazardous materials spill cleanup and response, safety showers and eye washes, response to active shooter situations, and many others!

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