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Reach Truck Safety

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35 to 70 minutes
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This training prepares the learner to operate a reach truck safely. This equipment’s flexibility makes it more important to understand how to evaluate rated capacity, pick and place loads and clear racking. These trucks have an articulated carriage that can reach, tilt and shift from side to side, requiring the operator to have a greater understanding of safe usage. Topics covered include how the truck works, how to perform inspections and how to safely operate the truck.

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Training for all persons who operate a reach truck.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • How It Works
  • Pre-Use Inspection
  • Operation
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Compare and contrast cars and powered industrial trucks.
    • Identify the similarities in controls and operations.
    • Identify the differences in stability and mechanics.
  • Explain how a reach truck works.
    • Explain the features of a reach truck.
    • Identify the components of a reach truck.
    • Describe the benefits of reach truck features.
    • Identify the effects of vehicle movement on stability.
    • Explain the need for additional training before operating
  • Inspect a reach truck.
    • Agree to perform a proper pre-use inspection.
    • List brakes, controls, limit switches, forks, mast, hydraulics, and leaks as common problems to look for during an equipment inspection.
    • Explain the need for a pre-use inspection.
    • Determine the appropriate response if inspection reveals a problem with the equipment.
  • Operate a reach truck safely.
    • Relate the proper procedure for picking up a load.
    • State safe following distances.
    • Explain the rules of safe travel in a Reach Truck.
    • Describe the plugging method.
    • Relate the proper procedure for putting down a load on a pallet.
    • Use proper parking procedures.
    • Identify proper load positioning on ramps.

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