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January 2021

2021 NFPA 70E Arc Flash Training

The NFPA 70E standard is updated every three years, so with the start of the new year means the release of the most recent edition. To keep your team as safe as possible you should consider training everyone on the new 2021 NFPA 70E standard.

To help you train your team on safe work practices we have released two courses on the NFPA 2021, one for electrical workers and one for managers and supervisors.

Learn more about each title here:

  • Electrical Safety Related Work Practices And The 2021 NFPA 70E For Electrical Workers (Arc Flash)
  • Electrical Safety Related Work Practices And The 2021 NFPA 70E For Supervisors And Managers (Arc Flash)

  • For a full list of courses on electrical safety, click here.


    Live Chat Etiquette


    Live chats have become a standard mode of real-time customer service and communication. Therefore, if you donít train contact center representatives in proper live chat techniques and protocols you risk losing potential customers and damaging your organizationís online reputation.

    This month we released a new course, originally produced by LearningPlanet, called ďLive Chat Etiquette.Ē From how to develop a positive first impression to controlling the chat and adding value to the customerís experience, this course demonstrates the ten criteria for a great live chat. Emphasizing the immediate and long-term value of stellar live chats, this course inspires employees to acquire the real time online communication skills for professionally representing the company in the moment and the future.


    Use this new course to help your live chat customer service representatives engage the customer, professionally address all their questions and concerns, and add value to the customerís experience.


    Universal Waste Training


    Universal waste is found at nearly every facility, from manufacturing sites to office buildings. This month we released a newly updated course on universal waste called, ďCollecting, Processing and Recycling Universal Waste

    This course shows you how to ensure you safely store, handle, manage, and dispose of universal waste in accordance with EPA regulations. This employee training program details the key elements in the Federal Universal Waste regulations and now includes electronic waste (e-waste) and aerosol can information.

    Universal waste should not be taken lightly simply because it may seem more benign than other forms of hazardous waste. It can still cause bodily and environmental damage, and there may be monetary penalties for those facilities who improperly handle universal waste. Utilize this new course to learn how to safely deal with universal waste and stay complaint with EPA regulations.


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