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June 2024

Lockout Tagout Training

This month we released two new lockout tagout courses to provide training for each important role, authorized and affected employees, in the lockout tagout procedure.

Lockout Tagout for Authorized Workers” teaches Authorized employees the step-by-step procedures involved in safely and correctly performing lockout tagout. The course details notifying affected employees, the shutdown process, lockout isolation points, draining potential energy, and returning equipment to service.

Lockout Tagout for Affected Workers” helps affected workers understand their role during lockout tagout procedures. The course details affected worker responsibilities, the Written Energy Control Plan, how to assist authorized employees, and the basics of locks and tags.

Worker safety when machines are being serviced is important for everyone’s safety! For all courses related to lockout tagout procedures, click here.

Harassment Prevention Training

Harassment prevention training is essential for creating a safe and inclusive workplace by empowering employees to recognize and address inappropriate behavior. This month, we launched three new harassment prevention courses, providing employers with tailored options to match their desired depth of information.

Understanding And Preventing Sexual Harassment 15 Minute Training For Employees” explores, quid pro quo and hostile workplace harassment, third-party harassment, sexual orientation harassment, and a brief overview on responding to harassment and sexual harassment policies.

Understanding And Preventing Sexual Harassment 30 Minute Training For Employees” takes things further, providing more context on the negative impacts of harassment, exploring gender identity and gender expression harassment, sexual harassment investigations, and frequently asked questions about all of the above.

Finally, “Understanding And Preventing Sexual Harassment 1 Hour Training For Employees” expands on all of the above with more examples and scenarios, providing a full hour of training instruction.

For all courses on harassment prevention, click here.

This Month's News:

Lockout Tagout Training

Harassment Prevention Training

New Courses 


Lockout Tagout for Authorized Workers

Lockout Tagout for Affected Workers

Laboratory Safety Orientation - Concise Version

Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment 15 Minute Training for Employees

Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment 30 Minute Training for Employees

Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment 1 Hour Training for Employees

Construction Safety - To The Point

Trenching and Excavation Safety for Construction Workers - To The Point

Bonding And Grounding Of Flammable Liquids - Concise Version

Office Fire Prevention and Response

Safety 101 For Supervisors

Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness for Construction Workers - To The Point

Better Business Behavior: The Importance Of Punctuality

Better Business Behavior: Time Management

Better Business Behavior: How To Take Initiative

Better Business Behavior: Be Careful What You Watch At Work!

Better Business Behavior: How (And When) To Take Time Off


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