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Lead: Working with Lead Exposure in General Industry

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Long recognized as a toxic substance, overexposure to lead can have adverse effects on the body's blood and major organs, potentially causing death. In 1978, OSHA created a standard to protect workers in general industry from the harmful effects of lead overexposure. This Video On Demand explains the difference between long-term and acute lead exposure, how each type of exposure affects the body, and the symptoms associated with overexposure. Workers learn how acute overexposure affects the brain, sometimes causing seizures, coma and even death.

The training explains the permissible exposure limits in an eight-hour day, the threshold for action-level airborne lead concentration, and what engineering, administrative and work practices must be used to protect workers from lead overexposure. The use of personal protective equipment; work area, clothing and hair decontamination processes; personal hygiene practices; and ensuring eating areas are kept lead-free is emphasized. Medical surveillance programs to test workers' blood to establish lead exposure levels are explained, as well as the possible need for a physical examination. Remediation steps if a worker is overexposed to lead are covered, including temporary medical removal and continuation of full pay and benefits.

This training program provides an excellent overview of the potential dangers associated with lead exposure. Use this video training to inspire employees to comply with protective controls in the workplace, and to ensure they properly decontaminate to protect themselves, their homes and families from lead exposure.

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General industry workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Health Effects
  • Exposure Limits
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Exposure Control Plan
  • PPE & Hygiene
  • Medical Removal & Benefits
  • Review

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