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July 2022

Materials Handling Training

This month we released two new materials handling courses, one on pallet jack safety and one on order selector safety.

The Safe Operation Of Powered Pallet Jacks: To The Point” demonstrates the safety measures and procedures necessary for working with powered pallet jacks. The course details how to perform pre-operational inspections, the proper personal protective equipment to use, driving and handling characteristics, how and where to park, how to lift and travel with a load, and how to safely maneuver around pedestrians, inclines, and loading docks.

The Safe Use And Operation Of Order Selectors: To The Point” demonstrates the safety features of order selectors and how to utilize them. The course continues by exploring tips for steering and handling, factors affecting stability, and other safe operating practices. The course concludes by going through the inspection process and steps to put an order selector into service.

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August Webinars

In August we are hosting two free webinars on leadership topics. The first session, “Leadership: The Hidden Power of One on Ones” is on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, at 2 p.m. Eastern time. This session features presenter Amy Forehand, of The Forehand Company. During this webinar Forehand helps attendees unlock a leadership superpower – the ability to help employees hone skills and unlock new levels of performance through one-on-one meetings. Sign up for this free webinar here.

Later in August, on Tuesday, August 23,2022 at 2 p.m. Eastern time, Amy Forehand returns to present on how to “Grow the Critical Impact of Managers.” In this session, Forehand explains how to build on the impact of mid-level managers. She explores the role of middle managers, the recent impacts this workforce group faces, and presents strategies to build and support this level of management in your organization. To sign up for this free session, click here.

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Diversity Training

This month we released four new courses on topics related to diversity to help organizations improve workplace culture and coach leaders to take charge of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

New courses include:

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This Month's News:

Materials Handling Training

August Webinars

Diversity Training

New Courses 


Diversity And Inclusion: Build The Foundation

Diversity And Inclusion: Take Action

Diversity And Inclusion: Lead The Change

Microaggression In The Workplace

The Safe Operation Of Powered Pallet Jacks: To The Point

The Safe Use And Operation Of Order Selectors: To The Point




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