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Diversity And Inclusion: Take Action

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Diversity And Inclusion: Take Action

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are more successful when organizations adopt and implement strategies for creating welcoming and inclusive environments. This course spotlights the five key strategies for successfully cultivating racial equity at work.

Coupled with the companion Action Plan, the five topics in this course (Make it Right When You Make a Mistake; Invite Diverse Voices to the Table; Use Microaffirmation; Be an Upstander; Cultivate Welcoming Environments for Your Customers) teach employees how to do the work involved in creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. From correcting their mistakes to defining microaggression and microaffirmation, learners gain insight into racial bias and learn how to demonstrate ownership and effectively communicate apologies when their actions have caused harm.

Present this course to enable all staff to recognize and mitigate racial bias and learn how to take effective action when confronted with it.

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Employees in all positions and departments throughout the company

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Make It Right When You Make A Mistake
  • Invite Diverse Voices to The Table
  • Use Microaffirmation
  • Be An Upstander
  • Cultivate Welcoming Environments For Your Customers
  • Conclusion

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