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Train with the same quality courses used at the largest companies in the world

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Now, you can setup a personal training account and train using the same high-quality programs that are used by over 4,000 of the world’s largest organizations. Our courses have been selected for training in companies such as Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, Disney, Harley Davidson, IBM, Valspar, Boeing and many more. Most of these organizations choose Mastery because of the quality and accuracy of the training.

See for yourself, our training really is the best

In 60 seconds, you can get a complete demonstration of an online course. Click the picture below to see the quality that goes into each of our courses.

It’s Fast

Our courses, on average, take about half the time as other training and you learn more. How? We use full motion video to cover the material. Plus our online courses are interactive and focus on your own personal learning requirements.

It’s Enjoyable

Our courses are enjoyable. The use of high-quality video, interesting practice activities, and interactions keep you involved.

You learn more

Our courses feature sound instructional design. Take a Mastery skills training course and you are guaranteed to master 100% of the material because it will work with you until you do. You really will learn more with Mastery’s online courses.

Come and go as often as you like

You don’t have to complete the entire course in a single session. If you leave the training prior to completion, just log back in to your account. You have 30 days to complete a course.

Don’t forget to print your certificate and wallet card, and add to LinkedIn Profile

After completion of the training, you will return to your login page. Listed here are all of the courses you have purchased and all the certificates that are available for printing. Just click on the course certificate to print your permanent copy and even a wallet sized version of the certificate. Click "Add to LinkedIn Profile" to display your skills training course completion on your LinkedIn profile.

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