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We want to do more for you!

We know the "make it or break it" best practices for making your training initiative successful. These Premium Support Service packages offer a cost-effective way to get the results you need, without extra work.

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The Top 3 Strategies

The biggest contributors to training success are:

  • Curricula/Assignments
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Reporting

With our Silver Premium Service Package, we shoulder the burden of these critical activities for you, helping you drive training completions

Can I Afford To Do This?

You should be asking; can we afford not to do this? Consider, the cost of an untrained workforce -- poor financial results, poor teamwork, unsafe behaviors, legal liabilities, lost productivity… to name only a few.

To answer your pricing question, it depends on the number of employees. For example, for 500 employees for less than 40 cents a month, per person, you can ensure training is taking place. For 1,000 employees, it is less than 25 cents a month, per person.

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