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March 2020

Work From Home Courses

Current events have led to an urgent shift to working from home. To help you work through this transition we have a number of courses to help employees work remotely.

These courses teach skills to help your employees adjust to their new work environment. These courses cover a range of topics from best practices for virtual meetings to tips on the work/life balance and time management. Itís also a great opportunity to help your team brush up on their writing, email, and phone skills with communication training.

View the list of courses related to remote work, here.

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

This month we released the course, Protecting Yourself Against COVID-19 And Other Contagious Illnesses, and we have made it available for free through May 31st.

This video-based course, originally produced by AP Safety Training, starts by detailing the common types of contagious illnesses. The course teaches users how a person can be infected with the COVID-19 virus, what precautions to take to prevent becoming infected with any type of contagious virus, and what measures to take to reduce the risk of spreading any type of virus to others. Specific recommendations are given for caregivers to follow to avoid infection when caring for a sick person. This course concludes with a discussion of general pandemic preparedness and reinforces how to develop a pandemic plan for oneís family.

To learn more about the course, click here.

New Work Zone Safety Training

Did you know thousands of workers, as well as drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, are killed or injured in work zone accidents each year? This month we released a new course, Work Zone Safety, to teach workers about the government regulations designed to prevent work zone related accidents. The course also demonstrates the equipment and procedures to use to control traffic around a work area.

From repaving streets to trimming vegetation, construction workers perform many different tasks on highways, city streets, and country roads every day. These tasks place workers, as well as the people around them, at risk. Use this course to better understand what you can do to keep you, and those around you, safe in your work zone.

To learn more about this course, click here.

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