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May 2018

Driving Agility

Is it a coincidence that the same percentage, 33 percent, of full-time workers in the U.S. identify as change averse and as dissatisfied with their jobs? Change, and innovation, can be an uncomfortable thing. However, when a company embraces that mindset, it can truly prepare for the future and Drive Agility.

This new course, Driving Agility: The Only Path to a Positive Future, teaches employees how to drive innovation and creation, and overcome common barriers to change. Use this course to help your team prepare for the future and embrace an agile mindset toward innovation.

New Respect & Diversity Training

This month we released two new VOD courses to help you train your team on respect in the workplace. Sometimes our words and actions offend others without us knowing. These two courses help shed some light on how you can create a respectful workplace and gain an understanding and appreciation for our differences.

The two new titles include:

Make these a part of your diversity and harassment training programs to encourage a culture of respect and prevent discrimination. For a full listing of courses on diversity, click here.

Leading Early Talent

The workplace is changing as individuals from the younger generations enter the workforce and start rising throughout organizations. This month Mastery released three titles to help leaders learn how to lead this young and new talent. The courses tackle subjects such an organizational culture, teamwork and leadership.

The new courses include:

Use these courses to show managers and supervisors how to help early talent grow and succeed.

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