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May 2023

June Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, June 20, at 2 p.m. Eastern at our free webinar to learn about the hidden power of one-on-one meetings. Amy Forehand, founder of The Forehand Company, will teach attendees how to hone their skill as a leader and extract the untapped potential of one-on-one meetings.

Learn to improve your team’s performance by focusing on each employee’s uniqueness and boost your own leadership skills! The webinar, “Leadership: The Hidden Power of One on Ones” is free to attend and should last around one hour.

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Safety Culture

Without consistent safety habits, employees are working at a higher risk for accidents and injury. It is every employee's responsibility to be aware of and follow safety procedures. However, complacency often sets in after performing the same job every day for months or years. Online safety training is a great tool to build a safe culture at work, and summer is a great time of year to reinforce your safety culture.

These training courses offer tips, suggestions, and testimonials to reinforce why safety habits need to be part of an employee's daily routine. Focus on creating a culture of safety and help employees better understand their responsibility to keep the workplace safe with the help of these safety culture courses.

This Month's News:

June Webinar

Safety Culture

Featured Courses 


Safety Decision Making: Overcoming Human Nature

Building A Lasting Culture Of Safety

Safety: What's Your Role?

Workplace Safety Essentials


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