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May 2024

Trenching and Excavation SafetyTraining

Excavations and trenches are hazardous environments to work in and around. This month we released a new Trenching and Excavation Safety course and a concise version.

These courses teach workers how to protect themselves from cave-ins and other hazards when working around trenches and excavations. After showing how and why cave-ins and trench collapses are the primary hazards that cause injury or death, these courses teach the relevance and importance of a “competent person,” knowing soil types, understanding protective systems, and being aware of excavation hazards.

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Laboratory Safety Orientation

Discover our latest course, specially crafted for laboratory employees to ensure their safety in the workplace. This course addresses the unique health and safety hazards associated with lab work, providing practical strategies to minimize common risks.

Over ten comprehensive lessons explore topics such as handling hazardous chemical substances, avoiding potential contamination, and adhering to lab-specific standard operating procedures. This training is essential for heightening awareness and ensuring lab workers are well-prepared to protect themselves in their daily tasks.

Check out Laboratory Safety Orientation, or for all courses related to lab safety, click here.

Comply with California's SB 553 for Workplace Violence Prevention

This month we released a new course designed to help employers comply with California law SB 553 for workplace violence prevention. This course explains the various forms of workplace violence and offers practical strategies for prevention and response. A version for supervisors is also available, providing additional guidance on managing workplace violence.

Participants learn to recognize and handle dangerous situations, enhancing their ability to maintain a safe and secure work environment. The course covers four types of workplace violence: outsider violence (e.g., a bank robber), violence from non-employees (e.g., customers or clients), incidents involving former employees, and violence from individuals with a personal relationship with an employee.

Equip your team with the skills to de-escalate violent situations, including speaking calmly, listening to complaints, and being non-confrontational. The course also outlines the essential components of a workplace prevention plan, as required by California law, and provides instructions on how to report concerns to employers or law enforcement. Use these courses to help ensure your workplace remains safe and compliant with SB 553.

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This Month's News:

Trenching and Excavation Safety

Laboratory Safety Orientation

Comply with California's SB 553 for Workplace Violence Prevention

New Courses 


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Trenching and Excavation Safety

Trenching and Excavation Safety (Concise)

Laboratory Safety Orientation

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Good Manufacturing Practices In The Food Industry Part II (Now w/ Spanish)


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