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Workplace Violence Prevention In California

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Workplace Violence Prevention In California

California law SB 553 requires employers to hold workplace violence training every year. This online safety training course explains what workplace violence is and presents ways to prevent or minimize it. Viewers also learn ways to handle dangerous situations, and the components of workplace prevention plans.

Workplace violence is any act that causes injury, psychological trauma, and stress. There are four types of workplace violence covered in this course. The first type is committed by an outsider who enters the workplace to commit a crime, such as a bank robber. The second type is violence directed at employees by someone who is not employed by the company, such as a customer or client. The third type of workplace violence is committed by a former employee, and the fourth type is perpetrated by someone not employed at the company but who has a personal relationship with an employee.

Viewers are taught ways to handle violent situations, such as by speaking calmly, listening to complaints, and being non-confrontational. Under California law, a workplace prevention plan is required, and must have instructions on how to report any concerns to employers or law enforcement.

Learn how to prevent or minimize workplace violence by completing this online safety training course.

Please note to comply with the SB 553 all covered employers must establish a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan. This includes designating responsible individuals, involving employees in the plan's creation and review, providing training, and establishing clear procedures for reporting and responding to incidents. The plan must also ensure non-retaliation for employees seeking law enforcement support and enable the organization to obtain temporary restraining orders for employees affected by workplace violence.

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All employees who work in California

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • What Is Workplace Violence?
  • Co-Worker Warning Signs
  • Reporting And Threat Assessments
  • Prevention
  • Handling Dangerous Situations: Confrontations And Assaults
  • Handling Dangerous Situations: Active Shooter Incidents
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • Violent Incident Logs
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Consequences
  • Conclusion

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