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Responding to Violent Behavior or An Active Shooter: To The Point

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Responding to Violent Behavior or An Active Shooter: To The Point

Employees who are trained to respond to workplace violence can prevent injuries and fatalities. Fortunately, you can improve your chance of more positive outcomes by being prepared. This training focuses on violent workplace situations, including the presence of an active shooter.

This course starts by demonstrating how you can prevent workplace violence by noticing and addressing certain behaviors. However, not everything is preventable, so knowing survival techniques are very important. It is important to know how to respond any violent situation, particularly an active shooter scenario. This training gives employees tips to protect oneself in such situations. This course demonstrates when it is appropriate to hide and/or run, and how to go about it in the safest way possible.

While it may seem far-fetched that an active shooter scenario is going to be something you’ll face, being prepared to deal with one could save lives. Prepare your employees to help prevent workplace violence, and respond safely should a violent situation occur.

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All employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Being Prepared for a Violent Emergency
  • Indicators of Potentially Violent Behavior
  • Responding to Violent Behavior
  • Responding to An Active Shooter
  • Hiding from The Shooter
  • Responding to Law Enforcement
  • Fighting Back Against The Shooter
  • Conclusion

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