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Violence Prevention: Recognizing the Threat

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A workplace should be a respectful environment where differences are resolved peacefully. Unfortunately, violence can erupt at work, so employees need to know how to recognize the warning signs and respond appropriately.

This training on preventing violence, is mainly about understanding the signs. Sometimes better communication can resolve the issue. When that doesn’t work employees need to know how to remove oneself from the situation. Understanding the red flags are important in recognizing a potentially violent person or situation. This course demonstrates early signs of tensions and appropriate ways to respond to aggression.

Everyone needs to know what to do should a situation become violent at work. This video helps individuals recognize the potential for violence and respond with the help of supervisors and HR.

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Any worker

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Scenario
  • Introduction
  • Common Signs
  • Who commits the violence?
  • Early Signs of Tension
  • Response to Aggression
  • Conclusion

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