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September 2021

Workplace Security Training

Companies that establish and maintain a secure workplace greatly improve their chances of preventing tragic, costly, and debilitating workplace events. This month we released a new course, Workplace Security, which shows employees how to create a secure environment at their workplace.

Each section in this course covers important information on the following topics: Identifying Security Issues and Vulnerabilities; Strengthening Physical Security; Cybersecurity; Controlling Access and Monitoring Visitors; and Dealing With Workplace Violence. When it comes to physical security the course provides specifics related to doors, glass, locks, lighting, surveillance, and alarms.

For a full list of courses related to facility security, click here.

More Entertaining Safety Training

This month we released two new safety training courses that rely on a little humor to help demonstrate safe work practices. These courses, featuring video produced by The Jeff Havens Company, can help you incorporate a little humor into your training program, which helps keep your audience engaged.

Preventing Workplace Injury teaches workers how to prevent, recognize, and recover from the most dangerous workplace injuries and illnesses. This course takes an engaging approach on how to create and sustain a safe work environment. The course specifically tackles heat and cold related illnesses, carbon monoxide poisoning, musculoskeletal injuries, falling object injuries, lightning strikes, and traffic accidents.

Workplace Safety Essentials explores the essentials of workplace safety. It covers developing the right attitude, the hazards of hurrying, issues with fatigue, a safe jobsite, cleaning up a spill, and appropriately handling emergencies and injuries.

For more information on how an entertaining approach to training can engage your team, check out this infographic.

5-Part Diversity Webinar Series This Fall

Join us for our next 5-part webinar series on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, starting on November 16 at 2 pm EST. For 5 consecutive Tuesdays, Ayana King, DEI consultant, will join us to discuss a topic related to diversity.

Ayana King is a captivating keynote and strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She hosts national DEI workshops and consults with corporate executives eager to grow healthy, diverse, and inclusive workplaces.

Register for one or all of the sessions here.

This Month's News:

Workplace Security Training

More Entertaining Safety Training

Diversity Webinar Series

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Workplace Security

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Preventing Workplace Injury

Workplace Safety Essentials

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