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Hazard Communication In Auto Service Environments

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The hazardous materials found in almost all auto service facilities provide value by heating the building, helping to maintain tools and equipment, and for cleaning and repairing autos. Unfortunately, they also pose serious hazards when misunderstood or misused.

This course provides employees an understanding of how to learn about the hazardous materials they work with and learn the information they need and have the “right to know” per OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. Upon explaining the sources of HAZMAT information available in the workplace, this course educates workers on exposure to HAZMATS, PPE, safe storage, and how to respond to a HAZMAT spill. The course specifically covers these types of hazardous chemicals: toxins, corrosives, irritants, carcinogens, radioactive materials, flammables, combustibles, and oxidizers.

Present this course so auto service workers know how to work safely with HAZMATs.

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Auto service employees who work with hazardous materials

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Sources Of HAZMAT Information
  • Exposure To HAZMATs
  • Toxins, Corrosives And Irritants
  • Carcinogens And Radioactive Materials
  • Flammables, Combustibles And Oxidizers
  • PPE And Safe Storage
  • Responding To A HAZMAT Spill
  • Conclusion

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