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January 2020

New Training on Ethics

This month we have two new titles related to ethics in the workplace. Both courses, originally produced by The Jeff Havens Company, provide a light-hearted and engaging approach to what can sometimes be a dull topic. Both courses provide the important and necessary information, while giving employees usable best practices and methods for behaving ethically.

Ethics for Everyone: Why Be Ethical shows employees how ethics impact daily work and customer relationships. The course covers topics such as how to deal with people who want you to compromise your ethics, communicating your ethics to your customers, and creating and maintaining a statement of values.

Ethics Corporate depicts a number of common scenarios one may encounter in a corporate environment, including examples of the right and wrong ways to respond. Some of the topics covered include the difference between a gift and a bribe, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment, privacy, and how to handle customer information.

For a full list of courses on ethics, click here.

Power BI Training Series

This month we released a seven-part online training series on the business analytics software, Power BI. This training series, originally produced by Sonic Performance Support, helps Power BI users learn how to efficiently analyze large amounts of data and create reports worthy of internal and external use.

The seven titles include:

Learners should have a Power BI Pro license or initiate the free 60-day trial from Power BI in order to complete course exercises. These courses are designed for Power BI beginners with a reasonable level of Excel knowledge and database experience. Each course covers a specific topic, making it easy for more proficient learners to only train on the more advanced topics.

For a full list of available courses on computer skills, click here.

Best of Elearning 2019 Award

Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Best of Elearning 2019 awards! For the fifth year in a row we have earned an Award of Excellence. This year we were awarded the honor for the Content Aggregator Portal category.

This award means a lot to everyone at Mastery Training Services, since it is based on the positive feedback from you. Thank you for your continued business!

For more information on the Best of Elearning awards, click here.

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