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June 2022

Training for the Current State of the Pandemic

While the Covid-19 pandemic persists, a lot of things have changed since March 2020. With the availability of vaccines and new treatments in the U.S., many organizations have begun encouraging more face-to-face interactions.

This month we released a new course, “Resocializing After The COVID-19 Pandemic,” which helps provide employees some tips to deal with resuming face-to-face activities. This course provides strategies for adjusting to a commute, adapting to working in a physical workspace, supporting your mental health as you adapt to changes at work, reducing the stress of resuming travel for work, and more.

For a full list of courses related to working during a pandemic, click here.

Invisible Disabilities Training

Helping provide accommodations for disabled co-workers is important, but not all disabilities are obvious. This month we released a new course, “Invisible Disabilities,” to help employers and employees recognize invisible disabilities and learn how to appropriately accommodate their colleagues.

This course teaches learners how to identify support needs associated with certain disabilities and contribute to an open, inclusive, accommodating work environment for those who have them. Use this course to improve performance, productivity, and morale by teaching all employees how to embrace best practices for supporting employees with invisible disabilities.

Diversity and inclusion strategies must encompass a myriad of differences among employees. Browse all our diversity course options here.

1 Minute Microlearning

This month we released 22 new microlearning courses, bringing the total series to 186 microlearning courses. Each course contains a video around one minute in length, and an accompanying downloadable summary document.

These microlearning courses are a great option for refresher training or conversation starters. For a full list of available 1-minute microlearning courses, click here.

If you want to browse all microlearning options, click here.

For more details on how you might use microlearning, check out this e-book.

This Month's News:

Training for the Current State of the Pandemic

Invisible Disabilities Training

1 Minute Microlearning

New Courses 


Diversity And Inclusion: Take Action

Diversity And Inclusion: Lead The Change

Microaggression In The Workplace

Invisible Disabilities

Selling In A Virtual Environment

Resocializing After The COVID-19 Pandemic

Positive Feedback (SBI) In 1 Minute

Dealing With Know-It-All Customers In 1 Minute

Traditionalists In 1 Minute

Baby Boomers In 1 Minute

Generation X In 1 Minute

Generation Y In 1 Minute

Generation Z In 1 Minute

Powerful Questions In 1 Minute

Powerful Phrases At Work In 1 Minute

Personality Types In 1 Minute

Peacock Personality Type In 1 Minute

Owl Personality Type In 1 Minute

Eagle Personality Type In 1 Minute

Dove Personality Type In 1 Minute

Four ‘P’s Of The Voice In 1 Minute

Email Tips In 1 Minute

Disarming A Heated Conversation In 1 Minute

Dealing With Introverts In 1 Minute

Dealing With Extroverts In 1 Minute

Changing People’s Behavior In 1 Minute

Emailing Different Age Groups In 1 Minute

Responding In Communication In 1 Minute



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