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August 2022

September Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, September 20th at 2:00 p.m. EDT for a free webinar on “Using Communication to Influence Engagement, Trust and Culture.”

Communication represents all of the ways we send, receive and process information. Communication is what we say, what we don't, what we do, and how we react. Have you ever taken the time to understand how your business infrastructure, policies, or formal channels impact your employees? Are they sending mixed messages or causing confusion?

This session introduces a communication system to help you understand how to drive engagement, support a lean culture, and ensure people know how they contribute value to your company every day.

Register here.

Harassment Training

This month we released a new series of courses on preventing sexual harassment. The two courses, one for employees and one for managers, show real-world scenarios during which harassment occurs in the workplace. Highlighting different types of harassment these courses aim to help employees understand what is mean by harassment and how to prevent it and respond to it.

The new courses include:

For a full list of harassment courses, click here.

White Paper -Help Remote Employees Thrive

The average workplace today is very different when compared to just a few years ago. Employment trends are coming together to favor remote work. However, to make a remote workforce truly effective, businesses must focus on programs and policies specifically designed with this new employment model in mind. Training should be a prominent consideration, as there are plenty of new skills, priorities and best practices coming to the fore for employees who contribute from home all or most of the time.

Our white paper, “Training to Help Remote Employees Thrive,” explores strategies for why and how employers can support the unique challenges of working remotely, such as preventing burnout when working solo or hosting virtual team meetings and beyond, with video-based digital training.

Read the full white paper here.

This Month's News:

September Webinar

Harassment Training

New White Paper

New Courses 


Cybersecurity Essentials For Employees

Walking The Walk: Preventing Sexual And Other Forms Of Harassment In The Workplace For Managers

Walking The Walk: Preventing Sexual And Other Forms Of Harassment In The Workplace

Seeing Is Believing: Anti-Racism, Equity And Inclusion In A Diverse Workplace

PITs And Pedestrian Safety: To The Point

Cyber Security

Customer Win Back Techniques

Ethical Decision Making: Knowing Right And Wrong In The Workplace

3 Steps To Feeling Less Stressed In 1 Minute

Customer Service Tip - C.A.R.P. In 1 Minute

4 Steps For Resilience In 1 Minute

Food Handling Safety (Now w/ Spanish!)

HACCP: Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points In The Food Industry (Now w/ Spanish!)




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