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February 2020

Harassment Prevention in Illinois

This month we released two new titles for Illinois employers to train employees and managers on sexual harassment prevention in accordance with The Workplace Transparency Act. To help prevent sexual harassment many states have passed specific laws regarding work practices for harassment prevention. The state of Illinois passed a law for 2020, The Workplace Transparency Act, requiring all employees to complete harassment prevention training on an annual basis.

The two courses include:

For a full list of courses on harassment, click here. You can also read our whitepaper to learn more on how to comply with the law, prevent harassment and discrimination and create a positive workplace culture that yields success. For the whitepaper, click here.

Legal Social Media

Itís no secret social media has become an integral part of daily life for so many people. With so many people using social media to keep up with friends and family, and to communicate with customers in order to strengthen oneís brand, the lines between business and pleasure have become significantly blurred.

This month we released two new courses to help employees and managers learn how to become more saavy social media users, taking into consideration how their lives on social media can affect their jobs.

There is a course for employees, Legal Social Media at Work for Employees, and one for managers, Legal Social Media at Work for Managers.

GHS Container Labels and SDS

This month we released four new titles to help train employees under the Hazard Communication standard to use GHS container labels and safety data sheets. The labels found on HAZMAT containers and Safety Data Sheets are a vital source of information about the related hazardous materials and the dangers they present. These new courses help employees learn the safe work practices to follow when working with HAZMATs.

The new courses include:

GHS Container Labels

GHS Safety Data Sheets

GHS Container Labels in Construction

GHS Safety Data Sheets in Construction

For a full list of courses on Hazard Communication, click here.

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