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October 2020

Training to Combat Racism

When faced with the need to eradicate racism in our society, it can feel like an overwhelming task. This month we released five new courses aimed at helping organizations combat racism in the workplace.

Diverse teams, when properly managed and trained, produced results that were six-times higher than homogenous teams. In fact, organizations with inclusive cultures are two times as likely to meet or exceed financial targets. Help your organization get on the right track with these new titles:

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Contact Center Training

This month we released two new courses for those working in a contact center.

“Contact Center: Speaking The Language” explores the importance of contact centers, and provides an overview of the key metrics employees need to understand. From learning how to determine a realistic service level to understanding key workforce management principles, this course helps make sure you know how to think and act like a true contact center professional.

“Contact Center: Beyond The Metrics” helps leaders learn how to gauge agent performance and engagement beyond the typical metrics. This video-based training series takes a deep dive into the elements of contact center management that can’t easily be assigned a number.

For a full list of courses related to contact centers and customer service, click here.

Microsoft Teams Training

This month we released a new course on Microsoft Teams, "Microsoft Teams: Simplify Collaboration Within Companies." MS Teams is a collaboration program, allowing teams to coordinate the use of files, share screens and schedule meetings.

This new course demonstrates the useful functions of Teams, including how to share files, manage teams, communicate via chat, track activities, create meetings, and how to use Teams from a mobile device.

Learn more about this course here.

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