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Contact Center: Speaking The Language

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Businesses and organizations have contact centers staffed with employees who are there to help people. This online training video teaches the importance of contact centers, gives an overview of the factors within a contact center, and explains key metrics.

Viewers learn about the essential components of a well-run contact center including the following: agents, forecasting, scheduling, workforce management, and leadership. Workforce management, also referred to as WFM, is the collection of processes that optimize the contact center. Those in leadership are responsible for adequate staffing to provide a high level of service.

This course explains the principles of WFM, scheduling and forecasting. These principles are concerned with base staff, shrinkage, and schedule adherence.

Viewers learn how key metrics are used to measure how well a contact center is meeting its goals. The key metrics covered include service level, handle time, answer rate, abandonment, response time, and occupancy.

From learning how to determine a realistic service level to understanding key workforce management principles, this course helps make sure you know how to think and act like a true contact center professional.

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Everyone in a contact center, whether they assist customers or manages employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • What Is A Contact Center
  • Anatomy Of A Contact Center
  • Key Metrics: Service Level And Handle Time
  • Key Metrics: Answer Rate, Abandonment, Response Time And Occupancy
  • Workforce Management Principles
  • Putting It All Together

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