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Attracting And Retaining Black Talent

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As markets expand globally, understanding and reaching out to the individual needs of people from other cultures and regions is paramount. Unfortunately, many racial inequities exist in American workplaces; one of them is the lack of Black executive representation. Organizations need to take action to attract and retain Black talent.

Presenting the moral and business cases for accelerated, effective corporate investment in a multicultural, talented, and trained employee base, this course spotlights why and how to invest, identify, and attract Black talent. Upon learning why companies should invest in Black talent, this course explains the strategies for identifying and attracting talent; strategies that are a departure from the conventional methods leaders, managers, and executives have practiced throughout their careers. This course concludes by explaining how to cultivate a diverse, harmonious, productive, and profitable work environment.

Use this course to assure your company disrupts the systemic barriers in place and creates a more inclusive and sustainable organization that attracts, retains, and develops Black talent and better serves the community.

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Organizational employees in all departments at all levels who are responsible for seeking, recruiting, and hiring new employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Why Should Companies Invest In Black Talent?
  • How Do Companies Identify And Attract Black Talent?
  • How Do Companies Develop And Retain Black Talent?
  • Summary

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