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June 2021

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Training

This month we released two courses related to drug and alcohol testing in the transportation industry. The first course, Drug And Alcohol Testing For CDL Drivers, teaches CDL drivers about drug and alcohol testing and the role it plays in keeping everyone safe on the roadway. The course explores the federal regulations that mandate drug and alcohol testing for all transportation employees, including when testing is conducted, removal of employees, return-to-duty rules, and getting help for substance abuse.

The second course is Reasonable Suspicion Drug And Alcohol Testing For Managers And Supervisors. This course explores the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines to help supervisors decide whether they ought to refer an employee for immediate drug and alcohol testing using reasonable suspicion as the basis for the referral. The course demonstrates how to recognize signs and symptoms of substance abuse, and how to approach an employee suspected to be abusing drugs or alcohol.

For all courses related to DOT Compliance, click here.

More California OSHA Training

This month we released five new online courses on topics employers must train employees on per California OSHA regulations.

The new titles include:

Bystander Intervention Training

Workplace harassment is unacceptable. Unfortunately, sometimes harassment victims don’t want to come forward. The good thing is there are appropriate ways for any employee to intervene and help stop workplace harassment. This month we released a new course, Bystander Intervention, to help witnesses of harassment learn to intervene in a non-confrontational way.

This training educates viewers about the importance of bystander intervention. This video explores how a witness should engage with a harasser. The course educates viewers about best practices for bystander intervention.

For a full list of courses related to harassment, click here.

This Month's News:

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Training

More California OSHA Training

Bystander Intervention Training

New Courses 


Hearing Conservation

Safe Use And Operation Of Forklifts

Permit-Required Confined Spaces

Electrical Contact Release Training

Reasonable Suspicion Drug And Alcohol Testing For Managers And Supervisors

Drug And Alcohol Testing For CDL Drivers

Cal/OSHA Lockout/Tagout

Cal/OSHA Personal Protective Equipment

Cal/OSHA Preventing Slips Trips And Falls

Cal/OSHA Hazard Communication

Cal/OSHA Forklift Operator Training

Service Matters

Bystander Intervention

Progressive Discipline Made Simple

Winter Safety (Now w/ Spanish)





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