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Navigate the 4 Generational Workplace

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Work can be a generationally diverse place. Now, four or even five generations may work in the same organizational group. This poses unique challenges, as individuals in one generation may have preconceived notions of individuals in another generation. However, if this experience is harnessed properly, it can provide a wealth of learning opportunities. This training video shows you how to take advantage of a multi-generational workplace to benefit both your team and your organization’s goals.

Before analyzing the generations present at your workplace, you must first understand to which generation you belong. This course helps you understand your own generational viewpoint, and how to guide interactions based on decisions and attitudes that will promote your organization. Of course, not everyone in the same generation thinks, acts, or feels alike. After all, we are all distinct individuals shaped by the technology, sociopolitical events, family, traditions, and life events we have experienced. This course puts the focus on the people, rather than on making a snap judgment based on what is “expected” from his or her generation. This will allow for a better understanding between team members as well as a more efficient and effective work environment.

Utilize the materials provided in this training lesson and learn how to collaborate, and thrive, in a multi-generational workplace.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Work Across Generations
  • Identify Your Generation
  • Align History & Generations
  • Focus on People
  • Learn from One Another
  • One More Thing

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