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Becoming An Effective Manager: Managing Performance

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Performance management is a widely practiced method managers can implement to guide their employees to ongoing development and success. This online training course teaches managers how to effectively conduct employee reviews and manage employee performance.

Managers should frequently provide coaching and feedback to their employees as well as meet more formally, either quarterly or annually, for a performance evaluation. Viewers are taught a 4-part review model for creating a more effective evaluation. The first part is to collect information beforehand. This includes having employees make a list of things they are proud of and getting feedback about the employee from others within the company. The next part is to set a positive tone by putting more emphasis on things employees have done well. The third part of the review model is coaching, followed by setting goals.

Viewers also learn practices to improve the overall performance management process, such keeping records and training. Keeping records helps to manage and track an employee’s goals and progress. Training is a process that encourages employees to think about their career goals and creates a path to achieve them.

Take this online training course to learn how to manage employees more effectively.

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All managers will benefit from taking this online course

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Review Model
  • Performance Management Practices
  • Summary

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