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Effective Coaching: Coaching Skills Check Up

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Good leaders are coaches who bring positive change to their teams. Coaches develop the rapport necessary to build familiarity and trust, and people should feel comfortable coming to the coach for guidance. Even if you believe you are a good coach, are you coaching to the best of your abilities? You can review the efficacy of your coaching by examining it next to the five strategies outlined in this training lesson.

This course walks learners through five strategies to focus on when coaching. For example, accomplished coaches use their experience and energy to set their teams up for success. Good coaches spend time with their teams creating realistic, practical, and achievable goals. The other strategies covered include listening, providing feedback, motivating your team, and providing resources.

It may be obvious that a leaderless team cannot succeed, but not having an effective leader may be just as harmful. It is therefore critical to understand how you can become an effective leader, which includes undergoing a self-evaluation of your coaching abilities. Utilize the information presented in this on-demand video, understand what makes a truly effective leader and coach, and take that knowledge and implement it with your team. By doing so, you will strengthen your team, and your organization as well.

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Leaders or those taking on a coaching role in the workplace

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Listen More Talk Less
  • Provide Timely Feedback
  • Set Up For The Win
  • Cheer Your Team
  • Provide Team Resources
  • Summary

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