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Effective Meetings: Assigning Roles And Responsibilities

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Without clearly defined roles and responsibilities assigned to each meeting attendee, a meeting is certain to run long, go off track, and result in non-action on everyone’s part. This course teaches all who plan and conduct meetings how and why role and responsibility assignments are critical to a meeting’s success and results.

Teaching employees how to structure a meeting and why structure is critical to the meeting’s success, this course clearly and concisely guides learners through the lockstep process of preparing for, managing, and conducting a successful meeting. This course is focused on how the use of roles and assignments contributes to more successful outcomes.

Use this course to ensure your company’s meetings, at all levels, are engaging, motivational, all-inclusive, and productive.

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Employees at all levels of leadership who plan and conduct meetings

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Meeting Roles
  • Roles and Responsibilities Of The Meeting Leader
  • Summary

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