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Managing Performance: Developing Cascading Goals

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While many organizations employ the top to bottom cascading goals approach to getting the most from their employees, many are rethinking this method because of its low impact on empowerment, relevance, agility, and simplicity. Considering the greater demands with fewer resources placed on companies today, these qualities are vital in order for a business to succeed and grow.

This course teaches leaders how and why cascading goals from bottom to top corrects the shortcomings of the traditional approach of top to bottom. Presenting the difference between taking a people-centric approach and an organization-centric approach to goal setting, this course presents the types of goals to be set at each level and how and why to communicate and execute them effectively and collaboratively.

Present this course so all managers and leaders understand how to set strong and measurable goals aligned with those of the organization.

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Managers and leaders at all levels of an organization

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Cascading Goals From Top To Bottom
  • Drawbacks Of Cascading Goals From Top To Bottom
  • Cascading Goals From Bottom To Top
  • Summary

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