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Case Study: Online Training Helps Meet "Just in Time" Training Requirements

The APi Group is no stranger to safety training, in fact safety is engrained in the company’s purpose and culture. As part of their commitment to safety the APi Group developed a plan deemed STEPS, Striving Towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety.

The STEPS program is based around five central components; management commitment & involvement, training, accountability, incorporating best practices, and the STEPS audit. The program is modeled to follow the goals and values of the company—allowing them to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and delivering innovative solutions.

As a holding company, APi Group offers this STEPS program as a resource to their 36–plus independently–managed companies in order to help with risk and loss management programs. For the APi Group training is a major component in keeping their employees educated, which is seen as a top priority.

“Just In Time” Online Training

Convenience Learning, a Mastery partner, worked with Reid Romer of the APi Group to include online training as a component of their comprehensive safety program. To supplement their scheduled classroom training APi group uses online training as the solution for unexpected training requirements.

At the site level, APi group often serves as a sub–contractor and specific training needs often arise at a job site. With Mastery’s online training, APi group is able to immediately provide on–demand training to workers to comply with the needs of the job site and client.

Reid Romer, says “One of the things we like about using Mastery and Convenience Learning is the wide selection of courses to choose from for each topic. This allows us to match the training to the specific requirements of each job site.”

The range of courses Mastery offers allows APi group the flexibility to choose between titles for a specific topic, while having an extensive–enough library to cover their diverse on–demand, compliance training needs.

The pay–per–play pricing model allows access to training when it is needed most. With a computer and internet connection you can instantly put any employee into your training classroom. Mastery’s online training serves as one resource to help APi Group increase their training output, making workers more educated because of it.

2010 Gary E. Bird Horizon Award

This past November (2010) the APi Group Safety and Risk Management Professionals were awarded the Gary E. Bird Horizon Award at the 30th IRMI Construction Risk Conference. This award recognizes those who develop new approaches to risk management for the construction industry. APi Group representatives were proud to accept an award representative of the development and continued success of their STEPS program.

On Demand Training

We are pleased APi Group uses our training to solve their “just in time” training needs, keeping employees trained no matter what surprises the job site presents. We are honored to provide training services to such highly-regarded and award-winning training professionals as the APi Group.