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Occupational Health & Safety Training: Increase Effectiveness with Video Dramatizations

For occupational health and safety training, Mastery is a big believer in using video to deliver the course content. When you use video in your safety training you create meaningful dramatizations to illustrate real life dangers. This greatly improves the effectiveness of your safety program.

Modeling correct behavior in your Occupational Health and Safety courses

Kirk Berry, VP of Sales, says, “What makes video effective is the way you can model the correct behavior. You can show correct safety procedures. You can even get workers to participate in safety training exercises. When they make decisions in these exercises, they get to see the consequences of their decisions played out on video. This really improves the effectiveness of the safety training and it is essential when training on occupational health and safety topics.”

Here is an example of the kind of activity that is possible when using dramatizations to deliver online safety training concepts. In the online safety course on Confined Space Entry, you are asked what to do in an emergency situation. You see a co–worker collapse in a confined space and you are asked if you should go in to help him. If you choose to go in, you’ll see the result of your decision—death for you and the co–worker you were trying to help. If you make all of the proper choices as you proceed through the course, you end up saving the workers life without risking your own. This type of dramatization helps raise your level of concern as you complete the training. With a raised level of concern, you pay closer attention and learn more.

Mastery’s courses incorporate video and dramatizations whenever possible, allowing the learner to become truly engaged with the course material. This involvement helps prepare workers for when they are faced with real live safety emergencies.