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Online Health and Safety Training, Where You Least Expect It

Using computers to deliver health and safety training isn’t new. Companies have been using computers to deliver health and safety training online for over 10 years, but now audiences previously thought to be unreachable can experience the benefits of online training.

Online Health and Safety Training is Mainstream

Online Safety training is now mainstream. Companies with as few as 5 employees and as many as 100,000 employees are using online health and safety training. Also, nearly every industry is using it. Even industries you wouldn’t expect.

Kirk Berry, VP of Sales, says, “We are training workers I thought would never be reached with online training. In addition to manufacturing workers, we are training truck drivers and even ranchers. When we started this over 20 years ago, I never would have predicted we would end up training ranchers who handle horses and cows, with an online training system. ”

Online Training reduces costs

This widespread acceptance proves there are real benefits when delivering training online. Over the last 20 years there have been many studies performed on the effectiveness of interactive training. They typically show the training takes less time and the workers learn more than they do when using conventional training methods. These studies also show the costs are lower when using online training.

Take Mastery Courses for example. Let’s say you have 100 workers you need to train on 20 health and safety topics. If you were using classroom training, you would probably spend about $25 per worker per course for a total cost of $50,000. With online safety training from Mastery, the total cost would only be $4,800. A savings of over 95%.

So, if you haven’t evaluated online training to help you meet your compliance training requirements, you should do so. If you’re like most organizations, you will earn a big return on your investment, and your workers will be safer.