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Safety in the Workplace: Using Online Training to Ensure Mastery

Make Sure Workers Master Critical Safety Concepts

When your training topic is "Safety in the Workplace" itís absolutely critical your workers master the course material. Itís not enough for them to know 80%, 90% or even 95% of the concepts. You want to make sure they master 100% of all the learning objectives in the course.

Teaching Safety in the Workplace

In order to ensure workers have mastered all the topics about safety in the workplace; you need to do three things:

  • Test the workers to discover weak areas
  • Give the workers feedback and review answers with them on all missed questions
  • Keep testing and keep providing feedback until they prove they know it.

You can perform this testing and remediation in two ways. The first way is with one-on-one training with a live instructor. The instructor can teach the worker all of the learning objectives, working with them to ensure their mastery. The instructor can then test the worker to make sure they learned the material and provide one-on-one feedback and reviews to make sure they are mastering the material.

The other way to ensure mastery is to use online safety training. Online safety training can perform the same function as an expert human instructor. The computer acts as an infinitely patient instructor delivering the material a small piece at a time. It can demonstrate safe procedures through full-motion video. It can also individualize the training, focusing on each learnerís personal learning requirements. It automates testing and feedback. When learners miss questions it will keep asking and keep reviewing for as long as it takes for the learner to master the material. The computer never gives up.

Most workplaces choose the online method of training because it is more cost effective. By using computers to deliver the instruction and test for mastery, most organizations can cut their total training costs in half.