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Case Study: Easy Access, Easy Coordination and Convenient Training

Implementing training programs in the workplace often presents as a daunting task. Even once the training program is in place, the management and supervision of training assignments and completions can be tedious. When an organization expands and employee responsibilities increase, the importance of an efficient and effective training resource quickly becomes obvious.


REMETRONIX provides a wide-ranging list of all-in-one services, such as medical equipment installation and logistics, for medical imaging and other Fortune 100 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) companies. It transports and installs large medical equipment across the US and Europe, with offices in the UK, California, and Florida.

Ranging in course topics from workplace communication to forklift safety, REMETRONIX uses Mastery’s e-learning courses to allow employees to pick what training they feel is useful to them and their daily job tasks. Companywide, employees are required to take courses. Online training is used as part of their new hire program, as a refresher on safety procedures, if an accident occurs, and completions are tracked in their bi-annual reviews. REMETRONIX allows the courses to be open to the staff for the ability to go in at their convenience and take courses.

Personal Customer Service Made the Difference

Mary Ciociola, training coordinator at REMETRONIX, observed Mastery’s personal customer service feel first-hand when selecting Mastery for their training solution. At Mastery, whether you’re an individual purchasing one course or a large company training thousands of employees, our customer service does not differ. Ciociola shared that Mastery “has been amazing with the ramp up and when our new hires have technical issues; the customer service has continued even after the purchase.” Even after the point of sale, Mastery is there to serve and guide customers through any technical issues or other questions that arise. Though Mastery deals with thousands of customers, it is vital for each customer service dialogue to receive its own time and attention.

Simple Training Management - At a Low Cost

Of course affordability is a major benefit using Mastery’s training resources. Utilizing them has saved REMETRONIX time and money. “Keeping staff trained is always expensive. Being able to train from your desk top saves time and money,” says Ciociola. Before choosing Mastery Technologies as its e-learning resource, REMETRONIX had a training program in place that wasn’t cost effective or flexible with training courses. Now, using the MasteryNet™ Learning Management System (LMS), Mary is able to manage completed training and export the individual staff scores to specified files. The training is easy to coordinate, as well as easy to implement.

Value of Training

Everyone at REMETRONIX, including field staff, the accounting department, zone managers, project managers, and support staff at the headquarters, benefit from the variety of training topics Mastery offers. With its entire workplace utilizing the training; REMETRONIX is an ideal example of an amazing organization, by providing comprehensive training instilling a more productive and safer workplace.