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Case Study: E-Learning and "Around the Clock" Training

The application of e-learning may make you think of classrooms full of students or of high-tech companies filled with computer-savvy employees. The reality is e-learning is accessible and easy-to-implement for all organizations across industries. In fact, sometimes the companies you least expect to use e-learning find the greatest benefit in utilizing online workplace training.


Transystems is a bulk commodities transportation company specializing in hauling sugar beets across the Midwest and Western United States. Sugar beets, which are processed into sugar, are hauled from large piling sites to processing factories between September and May every year.

Transystems drivers combat the risks associated with professional driving, from driving distractions to dealing with the hazards of winter weather. The company has adopted a motto stating, “safety-families depend on it, ” which characterizes the commitment Transystems has towards making safety a top priority of their business.

Safety Training

John McCann, Director of Training, has been with Transystems for almost 15 years. Since 2007, McCann began incorporating the use of Mastery Technologies’ online safety training, as well as the MasteryNet™ Learning Management System, into his training program. Transystems trains almost 1150 employees with online safety training.

The library of courses Transystems utilizes includes off-the-shelf titles such as “Distracted Driving: At What Cost? ” and “Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls. ” Aside from training for all their drivers, Transystems provides training on OSHA safety topics to maintenance staff and employees who build their custom trailers. Transystems also incorporates custom e-learning courses into their curricula, allowing workers to take online training for unique topics such as, pre-trip inspection for a belly-dump unit or fuel conservation training specific to the trucks used by Transystems.

Around the Clock Access

One of the greatest benefits Transystems enjoys from using online training is the “around the clock”access drivers and management have to the system. Drivers can complete training assignments at the convenience of their own work schedule. McCann described how a driver can bring his or her truck in to be serviced and complete training requirements while waiting. This accessibility allows employees to make the most of their time.

Additionally, the Masterynet™ Learning Management System (LMS) allows management to access training records and assignments, no matter where the driver is located. The administration functions of the LMS provide many benefits for those supervising a workforce constantly on the move. Furthermore, the reporting function of the LMS has proven useful in providing training documentation for insurance requirements.

Future Training

Transystems plans to continue producing custom content and move some of their current offline training materials online. The administration functions of the Masterynet™ LMS has become an invaluable benefit, and has encouraged Transystems to find ways to track and record other required training not covered in online material through the LMS.

Transystems - An Amazing Organization

You might not expect a fleet of truck drivers to be picking up safe work practices from e-learning courses, but Transystems proves how online training adds to the value of their safety program. Transystems drivers keep safety a top priority as they hit the road to haul sugar beets. Mastery Technologies is delighted to provide a resource to a company committed to maintaining a safety-conscious workforce while making the United States a little sweeter.