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Microlearning Courses

These microlearning courses feature short videos providing practical, actionable and engaging best practices for employees. Most popular uses for microlearning courses like these include standalone training, blended learning, self-directed learning, learning reinforcement, and on-demand learning.

Single play retail price is listed, contact us for employer pricing.

Title Product ID Microlearning Single Play
Retail Price
Storming Teams In 1 Minute lplnstea_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Stress Response (Fight, Flight, Freeze) In 1 Minute lplnsrff_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Successful Follow Up Calls mtdlseca22_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Successful Sales Habits mtdlsepm3_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Summarizing & Reaching An Agreement mtdlsens9_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Taking Ownership In 1 Minute lplntaow_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Team Productivity In 1 Minute lplntpro_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Telephone Hold Standards In 1 Minute lplnthst_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Telephone Transfers In 1 Minute lplntetr_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
The GROW Model For Coaching In 1 Minute lplngrmc_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
The Sales Mindset mtdlsepm2_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Thinking On Your Feet In 1 Minute lplntoyf_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Time Batching In 1 Minute lplntbat_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Tone Of Voice In 1 Minute lplntvoi_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Traditionalists In 1 Minute lplntrmi_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Transitioning Out Of Lockdown Or Change In 1 Minute lplntolc_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Twelve Angry Men: Different Kind Of Leadership aknotamd_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Twelve Angry Men: Diversity And Inclusion aknotami_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Twelve Angry Men: The Decision Making Environment aknotamm_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Twelve Angry Men: We Need To Talk aknotamw_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Understanding Conflict In 1 Minute lplnundc_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Understanding The DNA of Sales mtdlsepm13_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Understanding The Science of Your Selling mtdlsepm14_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Understanding Your Numbers For Accelerated Results mtdlseg7_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Value Led Sales Conversations In 1 Minute lplnvlsc_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Verbal Holding In 1 Minute lplnvhol_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Video Call Etiquette In 1 Minute lplnvcet_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Village of 100, 4th Edition atsmv100_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Vision, Mission, And Values In 1 Minute lplnvmva_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Voice Intonation In 1 Minute lplnvint_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Vulnerable Customers In 1 Minute lplnvcus_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Walking And Working Surfaces: Portable Ladders marcwwsu_m04_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Walking And Working Surfaces: Scaffolding marcwwsu_m05_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Walking And Working Surfaces: Stairs and Fixed Ladders marcwwsu_m03_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Walking And Working Surfaces: The Fundamentals of Safe Surfaces marcwwsu_m01_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Walking And Working Surfaces: Walkways and Floors marcwwsu_m02_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Walking Meetings In 1 Minute lplnwmee_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Warehouse Safety: Materials Handling Basics marcware_m02_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Warehouse Safety: Pallets, Storing And Stacking marcware_m03_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Warehouse Safety: Warehouse Safety Fundamentals marcware_m01_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Warehouse Safety: Working Safely On A Loading Dock marcware_m05_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Warehouse Safety: Working Safely With Forklifts marcware_m04_vod Yes Buy $3.95
We're Happy With Our Current Supplier... What Now? mtdlseca21_vod Yes Buy $3.95
What Is Your Sales Style? mtdlsepm1_vod Yes Buy $3.95
What It Takes To Be A Modern Day Sales Professional mtdlsepm15_vod Yes Buy $3.95
When to Walk Away From Price Only Customers mtdlseh4_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Working From Home - Leaders Tips In 1 Minute lplnwfhl_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Working From Home Effectively In 1 Minute lplnwfhe_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Workplace Bullying In 1 Minute lplnwpbu_m_vod Yes Buy $2.95
Workteams And The Wizard Of Oz: Building A Diverse Team aknowtwo_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Workteams And The Wizard Of Oz: Building A High Performance Team aknowwob_vod Yes Buy $3.95
Workteams And The Wizard Of Oz: Empowered Team Members aknowwoe_vod Yes Buy $3.95